I often wondered why they call you a “patient” when you see a doctor. Is it because you have to wait? Or treatments take time? Or that healing takes time? Or what?  

Well, I am a patient here in every sense of the word. There’s no rushing those drip, drip, drips and I know I have to give my mind, body and soul the space and time to truly heal. 

And just as I am patient, I need to ask you to be as well. I’m getting many messages asking how I’m doing and to provide updates. While my copy and pasting skills are awesome, my data connection and time availability are not. It’s not just the treatments that fill my days, it’s the work that I need to do on/in myself, by myself. That is the hardest yet most necessary work of all. Meditating, writing, walking, painting, doing puzzles, colouring, exercising (yoga, chi gong), eating, thinking, spending time with and loving myself. 

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to direct your focus inwards and not outwards, which we are generally all so accustomed to doing. Kids running around, events, friends, family, and just life. It’s like we don’t have time for ourselves and we no longer know how to hear our own voice (or cries or symptoms). Took me getting a big C diagnosis before I finally paid attention. 

I feel blessed to have the opportunity here to do this and heal. It’s exactly what I need. I must embrace my time. 

I miss all my family and friends back at home dearly. I will do my best to update, but no expectations, K?  Let’s be patient together.